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BIOTARA Long Range Locator

The human past felt the need for exploration and evaluation of all kinds of minerals that were necessary and valuable for him in this day underground.

Water and water resources sometimes needed for life, sometimes mines such as gold, silver, copper, bronze which sometimes enable the development and enrichment of civilizations, and occasionally precious stones. Needs have laid the groundwork for human beings to develop methods over time. The oldest of these methods. Tree branches and bars in the underground treasure, mine, precious stones and water resources to search and to determine.
This method, which was successful in every period and period, developed over time. Today, systems incorporating advanced antennas, electronic circuits and software, powered by electromagnetic sensing, have taken the place of rods and branches. The most important reason for the success and functionality of this method is the frequencies of the underground minerals (gold, silver, copper, bronze, precious stones), water and gases. What makes up the identity of the natural things is the magnetic field they create and the frequencies they store. The frequencies provide the detection of gaps such as precious metals, reefs, caves, cellars and tunnels, which are underground, by systems with advanced antennas and electromagnetic sensing.

The objects that are under the ground increase in the efficiency and power of the frequencies that they linger as the dwell time increases.

In this way, it becomes much easier for the systems that perform electromagnetic detection to detect these objects. Depending on their size, it is possible to identify the reefs that have been under the soil for a long time with advanced antenna systems. With the help of these advanced systems called Long Range Locators, it has been possible to detect water and mineral deposits at depths of several meters. The 5B Detector, which produces the world’s deepest detectors in electromagnetic detection systems, has developed a Field Scan system that meets the exact needs of the consumers as a result of long years of know-how and years of research and development work. This highly developed electromagnetic system, known as the “BIOTARA Bionic System” and presented to the world market, is exactly what the industry expects. The working principle of this system. Static energy from the body can be defined as an evaluation with an advanced software by detecting the frequencies that the target carries by strengthening it with an electronic system. Carefully designed, this advanced system is designed for users to get the best performance. BIOTARA is a highly effective electromagnetic detection and detection detector designed for field scanning. BIOTARA is an excellent detector that can talk about itself as an important auxiliary system, which can not be given away by its users due to its distance and its powerful detection capability.

Users should not forget:

When searching with BIOTARA. It is absolutely necessary to check with a strong detector for the purpose of confirming the detected targets. As it is known, field scanning does not have the feature of metal separation but it can detect gold, silver and similar precious objects underground, as well as mines with the same effect and other magnetic effects are perceived by the systems. Therefore, we must once again recall the importance of confirming a definite and specific detector for definite diagnosis.

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