White's Bullseye TRX

White's Bullseye TRX

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White's Bullseye TRX Waterproof Pinpointer
The Must-Have Waterproof Pinpointer You've Been Waiting For. Includes Belt Holster

White’s Bullseye TRX is the perfect companion to your metal detector. Locate valuable coins, rings, jewelry, gold and relics! When you’ve located a target and dug the hole, use the Bullseye TRX Pinpointer to precisely "pinpoint" the target. No tuning. Completely automatic. Powerful LED light illuminates target areas when the button is pushed. Powered for up to 20 hours on two AA batteries or a single 9-volt battery. The Bullseye TRX’s area of detection is concentrated around the tip, making it easy to zero in on the target. This feature along with the ones below makes the Bullseye TRX the most complete pinpointer on the market.

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