Nokta Makro 13.5 X 13 Black

Nokta Makro 13.5 X 13 Black

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Metal detecting is an incredibly fun and lucrative pastime that can be especially fruitful if you are able to search wetter areas. That being said, not all metal detector do well or are even supposed to be in water. With the right accessories, like the 13.5" x 13" Black Waterproof Search Coil (Anfibio / Kruzer), you can search in wetter areas until your heart is content.

This coil is easy to install and works well for those that are interested in water metal detecting. This coil works with most nokta | makro detectors and is a great addition to any kit or any metal detecting tool bag. This coil allows you to search in water, in wet conditions, and in areas that are less than perfectly dry without any fear that you are going to damage or short out your coil.

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