Nokta Makro 11 Black IM28R

Nokta Makro 11 Black IM28R

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Metal detecting is a fantastic way to find lost treasures that time has forgotten about. For those that are tired of your every day, landlocked detecting, a waterproof search coil is a wonderful option. The 11" Black IM28R Waterproof DD Search Coil Round (Impact) is a great coil that is large and has excellent accuracy allowing for sweeping underwater searches that allow you to find all the best underwater treasure.

This is a wonderful coil that is going to work with most Nokta | Makro detectors and is going to open up the possibility to search underwater so that you can find all the best hidden items. Metal detecting underwater can be very lucrative and finding a coil that works for you is key. This is a great detector coil that is going to completely change your metal detecting game and allow you to search new areas.

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