Garrett PD 6500i EZL

Garrett PD 6500i EZL

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Garrett PD 6500i EZL - Beige Metal Detector
The Industry Standard in Walk-Through Metal Detectors

The Garrett PD 6500i EZL is the industry standard in walk-through metal detectors. Certified by the Safety Act to be used in airports around the U.S as well as the trusted tool for National and International sporting events such as the Olympics Games, the PD 6500i EZL features more than 20 application programs, 200 distinct sensitivity levels, an overhead control unit, tamper-proof settings, zone lights on entry and exit, and the ability to pinpoint targets in 33 detection zones. The Garrett PD 6500i will help you secure your events and venues with dependability.


  • Audio : Emits Volume Adjustable, Audible Tones
  • Warranty : Protected By a 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Alarms : Provides Alerts with Bright LED Visual Alarm
  • Programming : Designed for Versatility by Utilizing 20 Standard Security Programs
  • Construction : Resistant to Scratches with Laminate Frame; Supported by Heavy Duty Construction
  • 33 Pinpoint Zones : Identifies 33 Target Locations on the Human Body from Head to Toe, Left to Right
  • Signals : Displays Universal Pacing Lights Emitting Universal “Wait” and “Proceed” Symbols for Easy Flow

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